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Event ID 418
Status Completed
Request Time 2018-10-24 00:01:04
Org Name Black Student Union
Event Date 2018-11-02
Event Name Black Community Retreat (joint Africa Caucus and Black Student Union)
Event Description For the past few years, we (BSU) have hosted a student retreat in the fall to help build community, connect on academic and professional topics, and plan programming for the upcoming school year. This year, our retreat will be from November 2-4 and we will be partnering with the Africa Caucus to have a joint retreat. The retreat will end with a brunch back in Cambridge on Sunday to make sure those who cannot attend the retreat can still connect with the group. We are seeking financial support as we work to finance this leadership and community building retreat. We project that the retreat will cost about $3,750 for 20 people. We have already received $1,500 in funding and are asking students to make a $50 contribution. So, we have a funding gap of $1250
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