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Event ID 367
Status Completed
Request Time 2018-10-04 09:08:41
Org Name LGBTQ Caucus
Event Date 2018-10-11
Event Name Celebrating National Coming Out Day
Event Description As part of the National Coming Out day, the LGBTQ Caucus would like promote diversity and inclusion at HKS. On Oct. 11th, 2018, we would like to increase HKS students awareness on: 1) the impact from coming out at work and at school, and 2) the importance of fostering an inclusive environment at HKS for LGBTQ people. To achieve our goals, we would like to hand out wearable stickers and free snacks (Harvard catering) in the forum and Wexner lobby to discuss with students the meaning of coming out. We will also have a large foam board for students to write on post-it notes what they think the meaning of coming out is for them.
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