Showing approved events for the Spanish Caucus

Event ID Org Name Event Date Event Name Account
633 Spanish Caucus 2019-03-28 A conversation with Roger Senserrich Specific
623 Spanish Caucus 2019-03-14 Colombia Talks David Luna Specific
582 Spanish Caucus 2019-02-19 Democracy in Latin America Student Group Specific
497 Spanish Caucus 2018-12-05 Citizenship and Contemporary Direct Democracy: A conversation with David Altman Olin Specific
446 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-27 Data science at scale: policy, education and government. A Conversation with Christine Choirat Specific
445 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-13 NCID and International Development Research in Spain: A Conversation with Prof. Luis Ravina Specific
393 Spanish Caucus 2018-11-08 Marta Garnelo Caama Specific
386 Spanish Caucus 2018-10-16 A Conversation with Ambassador Sendagorta Specific